CHAIR LOVE - 1.16.15

Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, What do you get when you add a HUDSON BAY BLANKET + HABLE FABRIC to a VINTAGE CHAIR?

An explosion of design awesomeness!!!!

Projects like this remind me of my love and passion for design. It also makes me crave more design in my everyday.

These chairs really have me smiling along with appreciating all the time and effort it took from a few who helped complete my vision.

So, I bought these chairs on Ebay. They were sent to me via the Greyhound bus. But guess what? Greyhound buses don’t come to Jackson, WY. My husband kindly agreed to go dirt biking over the pass in Idaho this past summer and pick them up at the closest Greyhound bus location.

But it was several years ago I came across these pictures and knew someday I would recreate my own Hudson Bay Blanket Chair. I have grown up with Hudson Bay Blankets at my families Canadian summer cottage so I have strong memories attached to the coziness of these classic blankets.

Source: 1st Picture2nd Picture

More recently I have developed a love affair with Hable Fabric in particular their cherry checker. I knew the the blanket + the cherry checker would make the perfect pair.

I wish I could say I reupholstered these chairs myself but not the case. Stitch Upholstery located here in Jackson, WY tackled my vision and created these masterpieces. Thanks ladies!

Coming up soon, the map accent wall I created for our media room where these chairs are now housed + more details on the room. Slowly but surely this room is finally coming together.

What do you think about my new/old vintage chairs?

SNEAK PEAK 11.7.14

Hi guys, it’s me, that girl katie, I have a lot of projects going on in my house so, I thought I would share a behind the scenes “SNEAK PEAK” of a few of them.

I have been working on turning my kids playroom into a craft room and the non furnished attached room into a media room + playroom

This is the media room + playroom in progress:

I am planning to DIY the armoire that is currently in our garage for toy storage plus I need to paint the T.V. wall and hang the wallpaper I have for behind the couch. I have 2 chairs that are getting upholstered as I type and then there is all the styling and accessorizing to take place.

This is the craft room in progress:

I still need a table and chairs, pegboard for tools & a way to display artwork. I also need to purchase more craft supplies and organize all materials.

I have a feeling this space is going be really used while also allowing me to spend more quality time with my kids.

It’s so exciting for me when a space comes together but it’s also a test of patience that it doesn’t happen in 30 minutes like a decorating show. It’s a labor of LOVE.

I have a lot on my to do DIY list. What DIY projects are on your list?

Happy weekend!

OUTSIDE PORCH: Before + During = Now 8.19.14

Hi guys it's me, that girl katie, We bought our house over 5 years ago moved in and then moved out to do a major renovation.

This is what our porch looked like when we bought it.

And this is how it turned out after our remodel. We liked it but didn't love the dock feel of it. We knew someday we would do more landscaping while we gained a better feel on how we would use the space. Would we want a outdoor table or a outdoor living room setting?

We did consider putting a roof on the porch but the budget didn't allow that. Plus, I was worried about a roof affecting our inside light. I did know living in Jackson Hole an outdoor fireplace was a must.

A year ago we worked with a landscape designer who had ideas about adding on to the deck so that we could have both an outdoor living space + an outdoor eating space. The idea of an outdoor pergola was tossed around and before we knew it, it was snowing so we pushed the porch update to the back burner.

If you have ever watched a home design buying show one of the 1st things a potential new buyer will say is "this would be great for entertaining". My husband and I laugh at that because we would never buy a house based on entertaining rather instead function for our needs. So, I started to brainstorm ideas for how our family would use the space.

My inspiration:

My main goals were for it to be useful, cozy and convenient to our kitchen. My husbands requests were pizza oven and grill. I came up with the idea of a joint outdoor living and dining space. We have used it more this summer than any past summers. We LOVE how it came out.

In progress:


Summers in Jackson tend to fly by. I am really glad we were able to complete the porch update and now I am working on styling it so it feels even more cozy but, I'll have to wait until next summer to show you what I come up with because the end of summer is just around the corner.

Thanks for stopping by.


Teton Heritage BuildersLanternsPizza OvenBlaze Grill


Hey guys, it’s me, that girl katie, I can’t believe it’s the end of February. I am constantly surprised with how fast time is flying by. I wonder if I had more time, would I sit and relax? Probably not! So, I am realizing that busy is great even if I can’t get everything I would like accomplished in a day. I often remind myself to keep moving forward and some days it sure feels faster and greater than others.

I thought I would show you a few rooms I am designing and updating in my house.

1. Husbands Home Office:


The plan here is too build and L shaped desk that will go against the right wall opening up the room. It will also hide all the computer wires and the backside of the monitors, yeah. I had other ideas but this is what we finally compromised on.

I am also going to install an accent wall on the back. I have samples coming for this and I can’t wait for them to arrive.

Hang buffalo art & other artwork


Buy rug(s), office organizational supplies, a small chair and other accessories to complete the space.

2. Basement Media Room


We have lived in our house for 3 ½ years and have never decorated this space. It has become an over flow of items and an extension of the playroom.

Can you see I have marked out possible furniture plan? This really helps me visualize the plan but I know I still need to sketch it out.

I have some great ideas that I can’t wait to share, accent wall, cozy furniture plus more.

3. Kids Playroom


My kids never really use their basement playroom for several reasons. 1.) with the great outdoors in our backyard there is a lot to explore here. 2.) when we are home, the kids want to be where we are, in the kitchen/living area. So, I am turning the playroom into an art studio. I am guessing since I will be there a lot they will too. This might be the new favorite hot spot in the house.

4. Backyard and Deck


With the current snow condition of the yard and deck this will be the biggest transformation. 1st up, snow needs to melt.

We are adding more plants & trees but the main thing we are updating is the deck. We are incorporating more seating & a new table and chairs that will seat 10. Hello summer dinner parties!

We will add a new grill too. Don’t you think this one might be on its last leg? My husband purchased this on “trash and treasure” 5 years ago & it has been a real gem despite its appearance. We have definitely gotten our $20 worth out of this grill. And in some weird way I will be sad to see it leave but I bet he has plans for it somewhere.

I imagine all these rooms will start to come together this summer. Yep, the reality is designing takes time. It’s not like a 30 min decorating show unless you can channel your inner Samantha Stevens aka Bewitched.

So, be sure to check back in to see the process and the final reveal.