SNEAK PEAK 11.7.14

Hi guys, it’s me, that girl katie, I have a lot of projects going on in my house so, I thought I would share a behind the scenes “SNEAK PEAK” of a few of them.

I have been working on turning my kids playroom into a craft room and the non furnished attached room into a media room + playroom

This is the media room + playroom in progress:

I am planning to DIY the armoire that is currently in our garage for toy storage plus I need to paint the T.V. wall and hang the wallpaper I have for behind the couch. I have 2 chairs that are getting upholstered as I type and then there is all the styling and accessorizing to take place.

This is the craft room in progress:

I still need a table and chairs, pegboard for tools & a way to display artwork. I also need to purchase more craft supplies and organize all materials.

I have a feeling this space is going be really used while also allowing me to spend more quality time with my kids.

It’s so exciting for me when a space comes together but it’s also a test of patience that it doesn’t happen in 30 minutes like a decorating show. It’s a labor of LOVE.

I have a lot on my to do DIY list. What DIY projects are on your list?

Happy weekend!


Hey guys, it's me, that girl katie, I gladly offered to help a friend with her Playroom/Guestroom space.

I came up with a bold and playful design that is both practical and affordable. It is a style that won't become outdated as their young kids grow and can sleep a large visiting family or host future slumber parties. It is a room that has fun written all over it.