Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, Ever since my Modern 40th Birthday Party - a year belated (which was featured on Style Me Living) I have been obsessed with tablescapes. And since it's summer I am drawn to outdoor tables with string lighting.

Here are a few that have caught my eye.

I even love the idea of wrapping a tree in lights!

Source: Image 1 / Image 2 / Image 3 / Image 4

I am currently in the process of hanging lights over our outdoor table. Like anything it takes time + patience. There is a lot of advice on how to conquer this process but I think it's different for every space pending on where your electrical outlet is located.

Stay tuned for all of my outdoor updates that I couldn't of completed without a lot of help. Even home maintenance takes a village!

Cheers, that girl katie


CHAIR LOVE - 1.16.15

Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, What do you get when you add a HUDSON BAY BLANKET + HABLE FABRIC to a VINTAGE CHAIR?

An explosion of design awesomeness!!!!

Projects like this remind me of my love and passion for design. It also makes me crave more design in my everyday.

These chairs really have me smiling along with appreciating all the time and effort it took from a few who helped complete my vision.

So, I bought these chairs on Ebay. They were sent to me via the Greyhound bus. But guess what? Greyhound buses don’t come to Jackson, WY. My husband kindly agreed to go dirt biking over the pass in Idaho this past summer and pick them up at the closest Greyhound bus location.

But it was several years ago I came across these pictures and knew someday I would recreate my own Hudson Bay Blanket Chair. I have grown up with Hudson Bay Blankets at my families Canadian summer cottage so I have strong memories attached to the coziness of these classic blankets.

Source: 1st Picture2nd Picture

More recently I have developed a love affair with Hable Fabric in particular their cherry checker. I knew the the blanket + the cherry checker would make the perfect pair.

I wish I could say I reupholstered these chairs myself but not the case. Stitch Upholstery located here in Jackson, WY tackled my vision and created these masterpieces. Thanks ladies!

Coming up soon, the map accent wall I created for our media room where these chairs are now housed + more details on the room. Slowly but surely this room is finally coming together.

What do you think about my new/old vintage chairs?


Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, Receiving holiday cards is one of my favorite things about the Holiday Season. I see them as pure & simple little gifts. For me, getting them is like an advent calendar for adults during the holidays.

Sending out holiday cards is a tradition I grew up with and now I am doing it for my family. Obviously, everyone over the years has learned to play along.

I always start brainstorming for next years card right after the Holidays. And this year I already have a few ideas tossing around in my head thanks to Minted.

I love this one because you can make it a little more personal with your top highlights of the year. I always have good intentions to write a note to everyone but in the end I run out of time.

I love, love, love cards with humor and this one has my mind thinking.

I am a sucker for a splash of color mixed with hip font and for that I dig this one. Plus I have a huge soft spot in my heart for the Golden Gate Bridge since I lived in California for 10 years.

Minted has tons of awesome designs that you will love as will everyone on the receiving end. Yes, sending out holiday cards is a lot of effort during a super busy time of year but Minted can help make that process a lot easier.

Maybe you aren't brain storming next years holiday card but instead fixing up a space in your home like me. Minted also has a large art marketplace that will help any space feel more personal and cozy.


Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, The Holidays sure are a busy time and then add being sick this past week and all the emotions I am feeling because of the loss of my sister this past Spring its actually a bit surprising I pulled off all these decorations. But I did for the continued traditions and memories that my sister and I had growing up but now for my kids to enjoy.

Watching my kids light up for the magic of the holidays is pretty amazing and a priceless gift. So, other than enjoying the holidays through my kids my other wishes for 2015 are lot of good health and fun laughter!

Best wishes, that girl katie


Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, I love a good-looking wintertime wreath! Here are 6 wreaths that caught my eye this Holiday Season.


1.Olive & Cocoa 2.Women's Day 3.Women's Day 4.Southern Living 5.Dot & Bo 6.Good Housekeeping

Can you guess which one I purchased for my front door?

Someday I would like to make a wreath and my mom did just that when I was a kid.

Can you believe all the detail? I am not surprised back then she and her friend made the local paper.

My kids love to look & touch it. Of course I tell them to just look.

I am not surprised they love it, as do I. It is a huge part of our holiday decorations, thanks Mom!

I have a special love for DIY family heirlooms and I am so thankful to own it, at least for now but I guess I need to make one so both my kids have a special wreath to hang in their home someday.

What family holiday heirlooms do you decorate your home with?

Happy Holidays!