LET'S PARTY - 9.21.15

Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie Adding straws to your guests beverages at the next party you host is an easy way to incorporate a fun design element while adding a pop of color.

I recently hosted a party with a "Let's Talk" theme so I added these word bubbles to my straws using my Cricut Explore to cut out the bubbles + then hand wrote the lettering.

And then with a little hot glue, they were done.

I think they are so cute and it really didn't take that much time to add the extra flair to my party.

Stay tuned for more details + photographs of the entire party. And in the meantime "LET"S PARTY"


Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, I always love to spice up my decorations for a party and when I saw these SCARY OWLS at the hardware store I couldn't pass them up. So, with a little tape + paint they added a fun element to my backyard summer party.

I told my daughter I could turn them into an OWL BANK so, I might be cutting a piggy bank size hole for her coins.



Hey guys, it's me, that girl katie, Summer is flying by and keeping with my goal of FAMILY FUNDAY came very fast this week. Since it's almost the Fourth of July a craft project geared around the holiday felt like the perfect idea. But I needed something quick and easy because we have a lot going on.

I am not the first person to think of a popsicle braclet and thanks to Fun Family Crafts for their step by step guide that I followed. But I put my own 4th of July twist on it.

I feel like these are our super power 4th of July bracelets for the long weekend. I have to run but thanks for checking out my blog + Happy 4th of July!



Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, I know it’s not Valentines Day but I am so FORTUNATE for you!

Maybe you have noticed I took and unexpected blogging break. Sadly, my son was hurt while skiing this winter and spent 6 weeks in a spica cast healing a broken femur. For me that meant being the primary caregiver and everything else became less important. I am happy to say, he is out of his cast and life is back to a regular routine.

Prior to the accident I had come up with these cute Valentines for my kids to handout to their friends at school. Instead since we were homebound for a lot of the winter we handed them out to all our visitors.

As it turned out these Valentines were a perfect way for us to express how FORTUNATE we were to those who took time out of their busy lives to show us some love + support during a hard time in our life. We are so FORTUNATE to have a lot wonderful people in our lives.

Yes, they make fortune cookies for kids. I found them on Amazon.

Who are you FORTUNATE for?



Hi guys, it’s me, that girl katie, Life has been really hectic the past few weeks. One reason is because I took time out of my regular routine to attend The Alt Summit Winter, a blogging conference in Salt Lake City. I drove down to the conference with a few goals and came back refreshed and excited to continue on this blogging journey. I also came back with a speeding ticket....I guess I shouldn’t Drive + Design!

I have attended The Alt Summit Winter before and knew showing up with hip business cards that show a bit of your personality is not just a great idea it’s a smart idea. So, this year I did just that and here is how I did it.

I bought the InstaxShare and followed the steps to connect it to my phone and print out some pictures of myself. It’s not often I get the camera turned around on me so slim pickings on photos but I only needed a few.

I then used my label maker and printed out my web address and VOLIA I was done.

I met a variety of talented + inspiring + creative + kind women. Here are some of the business cards I rounded up and so worth checking out what these fabulous ladies are up to.

1)Kids Are The Worst 2)Hale Me A Cab 3)Tropic Of Candycorn 4)Wendys Hat 5)Iterate Social 6)Katie Dudley Photography 7)Design Mom 8)Art Bar Blog 9)Inchworm Academy 10)Designers Collective 11)And We Play 12)Little Sun Hat

I gained a lot new contacts + a bunch of tips + heaps of advice. My “To Do List” for That Girl Katie has a ton more ideas and goals on it, such as learning to take better pictures and buying some equipment that will help me achieve a more professional look while saving a lot of time in the editing room.

I also walked away with a notebook full of inspirational sayings. Lisa Congdon was the keynote speaker and she voiced a lot of Lessons and Lesson # 3 is still ringing very loud in my ear,

“Let go of the idea that someday it will all be perfect”

I feel I am somewhat new to the blogging world but I am slowly figuring it out one post at a time while building a community one follower at a time in a fun and creative non-perfect kind of way.

So, a BIG thank you for continuing to check out my non-perfect blog.