Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, I know it’s not Valentines Day but I am so FORTUNATE for you!

Maybe you have noticed I took and unexpected blogging break. Sadly, my son was hurt while skiing this winter and spent 6 weeks in a spica cast healing a broken femur. For me that meant being the primary caregiver and everything else became less important. I am happy to say, he is out of his cast and life is back to a regular routine.

Prior to the accident I had come up with these cute Valentines for my kids to handout to their friends at school. Instead since we were homebound for a lot of the winter we handed them out to all our visitors.

As it turned out these Valentines were a perfect way for us to express how FORTUNATE we were to those who took time out of their busy lives to show us some love + support during a hard time in our life. We are so FORTUNATE to have a lot wonderful people in our lives.

Yes, they make fortune cookies for kids. I found them on Amazon.

Who are you FORTUNATE for?