Hi guys, it’s me, that girl katie, Life has been really hectic the past few weeks. One reason is because I took time out of my regular routine to attend The Alt Summit Winter, a blogging conference in Salt Lake City. I drove down to the conference with a few goals and came back refreshed and excited to continue on this blogging journey. I also came back with a speeding ticket....I guess I shouldn’t Drive + Design!

I have attended The Alt Summit Winter before and knew showing up with hip business cards that show a bit of your personality is not just a great idea it’s a smart idea. So, this year I did just that and here is how I did it.

I bought the InstaxShare and followed the steps to connect it to my phone and print out some pictures of myself. It’s not often I get the camera turned around on me so slim pickings on photos but I only needed a few.

I then used my label maker and printed out my web address and VOLIA I was done.

I met a variety of talented + inspiring + creative + kind women. Here are some of the business cards I rounded up and so worth checking out what these fabulous ladies are up to.

1)Kids Are The Worst 2)Hale Me A Cab 3)Tropic Of Candycorn 4)Wendys Hat 5)Iterate Social 6)Katie Dudley Photography 7)Design Mom 8)Art Bar Blog 9)Inchworm Academy 10)Designers Collective 11)And We Play 12)Little Sun Hat

I gained a lot new contacts + a bunch of tips + heaps of advice. My “To Do List” for That Girl Katie has a ton more ideas and goals on it, such as learning to take better pictures and buying some equipment that will help me achieve a more professional look while saving a lot of time in the editing room.

I also walked away with a notebook full of inspirational sayings. Lisa Congdon was the keynote speaker and she voiced a lot of Lessons and Lesson # 3 is still ringing very loud in my ear,

“Let go of the idea that someday it will all be perfect”

I feel I am somewhat new to the blogging world but I am slowly figuring it out one post at a time while building a community one follower at a time in a fun and creative non-perfect kind of way.

So, a BIG thank you for continuing to check out my non-perfect blog.