Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, I love a good-looking wintertime wreath! Here are 6 wreaths that caught my eye this Holiday Season.


1.Olive & Cocoa 2.Women's Day 3.Women's Day 4.Southern Living 5.Dot & Bo 6.Good Housekeeping

Can you guess which one I purchased for my front door?

Someday I would like to make a wreath and my mom did just that when I was a kid.

Can you believe all the detail? I am not surprised back then she and her friend made the local paper.

My kids love to look & touch it. Of course I tell them to just look.

I am not surprised they love it, as do I. It is a huge part of our holiday decorations, thanks Mom!

I have a special love for DIY family heirlooms and I am so thankful to own it, at least for now but I guess I need to make one so both my kids have a special wreath to hang in their home someday.

What family holiday heirlooms do you decorate your home with?

Happy Holidays!