OUTSIDE PORCH: Before + During = Now 8.19.14

Hi guys it's me, that girl katie, We bought our house over 5 years ago moved in and then moved out to do a major renovation.

This is what our porch looked like when we bought it.

And this is how it turned out after our remodel. We liked it but didn't love the dock feel of it. We knew someday we would do more landscaping while we gained a better feel on how we would use the space. Would we want a outdoor table or a outdoor living room setting?

We did consider putting a roof on the porch but the budget didn't allow that. Plus, I was worried about a roof affecting our inside light. I did know living in Jackson Hole an outdoor fireplace was a must.

A year ago we worked with a landscape designer who had ideas about adding on to the deck so that we could have both an outdoor living space + an outdoor eating space. The idea of an outdoor pergola was tossed around and before we knew it, it was snowing so we pushed the porch update to the back burner.

If you have ever watched a home design buying show one of the 1st things a potential new buyer will say is "this would be great for entertaining". My husband and I laugh at that because we would never buy a house based on entertaining rather instead function for our needs. So, I started to brainstorm ideas for how our family would use the space.

My inspiration:

My main goals were for it to be useful, cozy and convenient to our kitchen. My husbands requests were pizza oven and grill. I came up with the idea of a joint outdoor living and dining space. We have used it more this summer than any past summers. We LOVE how it came out.

In progress:


Summers in Jackson tend to fly by. I am really glad we were able to complete the porch update and now I am working on styling it so it feels even more cozy but, I'll have to wait until next summer to show you what I come up with because the end of summer is just around the corner.

Thanks for stopping by.


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