Hi guys, it’s me, that girl katie, Happy Café is OPEN for business and reservations are quickly filling up.

It took some time to pull together but it has been so rewarding watching my kids and their friends outside playing cafe.

I have such awesome memories of playing cafe with my Grandmother in her real kitchen.


Happy Café to do list:

1. Varnish play kitchen and move outside 2. Stain play structure 3. Have kids design custom MakIt plates 4. Scalloped curtains 5. Paint Can to Floral Arrangement 6. Laminate placemats from Oil Cloth Fabric 7. Design a menu 8. Paint Open/Closed sign 9. Paint Happy Café sign 10. Purchase items.

Items purchased:

1. Oil Cloth By The Yard 2. Fake Food 3. Plates, Cups & Trays 4. Chef & Waitress Outfits.

Items already had:

1. Play Kitchen 2. Cooking Utensils / Pots and Pans

TIPS – I laminated the menus and I have a plastic container outside for the uniforms so they don’t get soaked when it rains.

I really hope you are having a Happy Summer!