Hi guys, it's me, that girl katie, My husband and I have a camper van and it's taken 2 summers for us to dial out some of the kinks. Of course, he is more concerned about the mechanics of the van while I am all about the decor and making sure it's kid friendly. Last summer I had this idea for a map floor cloth. If it rains while we are camping the kids would have a fun place to play while we weather out the storm. My husband didn't think my idea would work which only pushed my desire to achieve my goal and prove him wrong. Oh, how I succeeded!

The map floor cloth adds a decorative element to our van while also entertaining our kids. They play on it as expected when it's raining but also when they need a sun break. They have enjoyed it so much that they often ask me to bring it inside our house when we aren't camping.

Here are my 9 steps:

It is teaching my kids map reading skills while they also learn about our town.

Supply List:

- linoleum - gesso or primer - paint colors - tape - projector - exacto knife - varnish

Have you ever made a floor cloth? How did it turn out?