Hi guys, it’s me, that girl katie, Today would be my sister's 43rd Birthday! Although she isn't here to physically celebrate it, I knew I wanted to honor and celebrate her in a special way.

For those who weren't able to attend her service, I produced the slideshow above that was presented as people entered the church.

But I also wanted to love Stacy in the same way she loved me on my birthday this year.

A month before Stacy died was my birthday and as she said it "Apparently, turning 40 is a big f-ing deal" Although, with all that went on I really didn't and haven't had time to think about this monumental birthday. All I really wanted for my birthday were cards and Stacy sent me a card that I will cherish for the rest of my life. In the card she wrote, 40 things she loved about me (Hello, tear jerker) So, I wanted to do the same for her.

43 Things I Love About My Sister

1. Gigi 2. Giving of her time 3. Creative 4. Love of reading 5. Taught me how to needle point 6. A good listener 7. Very compassionate 8. Stubborn 9. Sentimental 10. A saver of things that had meaning 11. A loyal friend & frister 12. Saw the good in situations 13. Her love of Canada 14. Her Camp Mont Shenandoah spirit 15. The way her skin glowed 16. Not materialistic 17. Honored family traditions 18. Her love of HUGS 19. Her perfect teeth that never needed braces 20. School work came easy 21. Valued alone time 22. Generous 23. Always wanting to help others 24. Didn’t drink much alcohol 25. Thoughtful gift giver 26. Beautiful smile 27. Taught me to love beets 28. Dog lover (especially of Labs) 29. In touch with her feelings 30. Her handwriting 31. Her hands and feet (especially her bent toe) 32. Her cute nose 33. Awesome Aunt 34. Her laugh 35. Thoughtful 36. Kind hearted 37. That she could journal 38. Positive 39. A believer in change 40. A great sister 41. A great mom 42. A fighter 43. My sister

This past year has been anything but easy. A year where I flew back east 11 times in 12 months, stressed more than I ever knew was possible and cried most every day. But I am surviving because of the ultimate and priceless gift that Stacy gave me, realizing that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE.

I miss my sister HEAPS & HEAPS and think about her daily. Stacy and I had so many good times together and I am trying to focus on all the happy memories we shared over the last 40 years.

Thank you so much for all your love, support and generosity. It truly makes choosing happiness that much easier and I believe that is what Stacy would want for everyone.