Our Newest Adventure

Hey there, it's me, that girl katie, We bought a 1987 Syncro VW camper van with only 57,000 miles on it. It's a bit like Christmas in July, as we can't wait for it to arrive b/c it's coming all the way from Rhode Island.

The whole idea of buying a camper van came after I experienced a wonderful evening, "Dinner with a View" with some girlfriends via a camper. I came home that night and told my husband that the reality of camping with young kids with how busy our day to day is was going to be very unlikely.

I also want to flip houses someday and thought, "hey why don't I remodel a vintage trailer?" Which still sounds great but having something that doesn't need to be pulled by another car sounded more ideal at this time in our life with young kids.

So, the search was on and we were prepared to have to wait until later this winter to find the right van but we got lucky, we think!

Of course, my husband is thinking about what might need to be fixed in the van over the next year while I am thinking of how to decorate it, striped awning & chevron curtains!