Chevron DIY Pot

Hey there, it me, that girl katie, I decided to do this b/c I am going to paint a chevron pattern on a rug and wanted a trial run on something. My house was in the need of some planters and I thought this would be a cute way to spice up a regular inexpensive pot while adding a fun pattern to our deck all while building my confidence to embark on the rug.

1. Buy pot & supplies 2. I had to do a template on paper so I could visualize the pattern 3. I chalked off dots every 2 inches apart 4. Then connected the dots with the pattern & taped it off – the 1st row is the hardest and most frustrating. 2nd row gets a little easier and then you get in a groove. It takes longer than it looks. 5. Spray paint – I did 2 coats. 6. Take off tape 7. Finish off with a plant & a “Yeehaw, I did it” feeling.

Tips- you might often think this is too complicated but push through it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, clearly mine isn’t.

Also, don't be shocked if you think about Charlie Brown most of the time while doing this project.

Supplies- 1. Pot 2. Spray paint 3. Tape 4. Chalk 5. Razor 6. Template 7. Plant & potting soil

Total Cost (minus time of course) = $220.00

I purchased plants that were each $44.00 but the catch is I can plant them in my yard before winter so I can reuse them again next summer if I choose.

And if you have kids this project took me a few nap times to complete.