Fall Front Porch Decor

Hi y'all, it's me, that girl katie, This year I really tried to decorate my front porch for both Halloween and Thanksgiving all in one swoop. I don't have time to change things out after only one month but maybe you do?

After, 4-5 trips to buy pumpkins & plants that would last in our cold climate, I learned that I needed more pumpkins than I had thought and fell in love with the cabbage type plants. I am not a plant person but am slowing learning.

When picking out pumpkins, it’s always great to have a variety of sizes and colors. And don't forget to pick up some of those funky looking gourds. Then, with a little paint I spiced it up with a message.

Here is my indoor fun and simple Halloween decor. It took me less than 10 minutes to put together.