Chalkboard Easel DIY Video

Hi y'all, it's me, that girl katie, Since making this CHALKBOARD EASEL, I have used it for 2 parties we hosted (blog entries on parties coming soon). I also used it to write the school year for my kids to stand in front of on their 1st day.

It's been worth the DIY time it took to complete.

A special thanks to, where I got the idea and followed their tutorial.

I hope you give it a try.

Supply List:

-(4) 35” 1X2’s – miter just the top of each piece -(2) 20” 1x2’s – miter both sides of each piece -(2) 17” 1x2’s -(2) boards 19” x 25” – find thin boards or use the back side of bead board.

-8 L brackets -2 small hinges -2 eye hooks -screws -stain -chalkboard paint -wood glue -twine -paint brush(s) - chalk -caulk (optional)

Supplies you probably already have:

-paper towels -drop cloth -drill -sandpaper -tape measure -pencil

If you are mitering the specified pieces then you need:

- miter box - saw - brace