Then & Now

Hi there, it's me, that girl katie, I guess some things never change, I have always liked filleting fish.

What really gets me in this first picture is that I am the youngest of the group by 3 years and up to 8 years.

Steps to filleting a fish:

1. Catch a fish worth keeping 2. Take pictures of you & your fish 3. Get a sharp filleting knife and board / cutting board 3. Make sure fish doesn't wiggle around while you are trying to filet it (whack it on the head) 4. Make the 1st cut along the belly of the fish, all the way down 5. 2nd cut - cut under fin left toward the head & then shimmy knife right and cut down the right side of the fish, your knife will be parallel to the body of the fish- You might hear some cracking but it's ok. At this pt. you should have 1 filet with the skin still on it. 6. Flip fish and repeat step 5. 7. Cutting the skin off - cut a little at the tip to expose some of the skin, hold the skin in your left hand (or non knife hand) while sliding the knife blade along the skin separating the meat from the skin. 8. Repeat step 7 with your 2nd filet. 9. Either clean up or you can open up the stomach and see what the fish ate last. Often times the heart is still pumping - I always found that fascinating as a kid. 10. Cook your fish, Bon Appetite!