Sisters Connected By The Heart 1.8.14

Hey, It’s me, that girl katie, Have you seen this guy?


His Tutu Project ( inspired me to give my sister a gift this holiday season that I couldn't just get at a store or buy online. I wanted to give her something that had meaning, love and history attached to it. I wanted it to to be something that would allow her mind to drift away for a few short minutes while also honoring the beauty of sisterhood.

(video link at the top. Yes, I need to figure out how to post a video link where I want it within the post)

For me, it was a therapeutic process that turned out to also be a gift to myself. While producing it, I discovered that we fill many roles in our lifetime: a sister, a daughter, a friend, a wife, a mother etc. And those roles change throughout our lives. While Stacy and I are forever sisters who shared a childhood together filled with a lot memories and traditions we now have very different journeys. We are creating our own memories and traditions within our own families.

I often have to reminded myself that, “life is a balance of holding on and letting go”. Regardless of our different paths, I know that we will always be sisters connected by the heart and no circumstance can ever take that away.


I welcome any comments or memories regarding the power of sisterhood.