It’s been awhile to say the least since I have posted anything.  Writing has never been my passion so I am still not sure about the whole idea of blogging.  I guess you could say I am still trying to figure this part out. 

However, over the last few years I have slowly been taking graduate classes in Interior Design and Architecture at the Academy Art University.  Last fall I enrolled in an ArchiCAD class that taught me how to complete 3D renderings, which completely pushed and tested me.  I ended up having to hire a tutor to survive and I am continuing to grow and learn more because the software program while it's super awesome there is always something new to learn and figure out.  

While taking the ArchiCAD class and chatting with other students and friends telling me I have the talent I had and an aha moment. I heard my Dad say to me “just hang your shingle” So, after researching for the right web designer I discovered Cristina and together with my ideas and her design expertise, my new website was created.  I am so in LOVE with how it turned out.

Here is my testimonial I wrote up for Cristina.

After a few attempts with other designers I was thrilled to discover Cristina to help me with the rebranding and facelift on my website.  Working with Cristina was easy.  Throughout the process her kindness, talent and organizational skills constantly amazed me.  It was extremely helpful to have every step mapped out so there was no confusion or miscommunication as to where we were in the process.  I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and know I will be contacting her again to help me in the future as my business grows and the website needs updating.  Many thanks Cristina!

In addition to designing my website she also did some branding work, business cards, stationary and updated a logo I had already had designed.


If you are searching for a web designer checkout Cristina's Website to she her work and read other client testimonials.

My goal is to slowly build my portfolio.  I have a few projects in my own house I want to complete but I am also going to give away an E-Design Package, so stay tuned for more info on how to enter.

I hope you all are having a great day!