FREE HUGS – 4.28.14

Hi guys, it’s me, that girl katie, This past weekend was my sister’s funeral. I want to share a small part of what I said at her service along with the short video clip I took with my phone.

My talk was directed to my niece.

Your mom loved hugs and believed that you needed a certain number of hugs a day, which was least a bare minimum of 3 hugs. She loved getting hugs & she loved giving hugs. Your mom was always telling me a hug is ended when one person pulls away so at times it was a hugging contest between us. To her, the act of hugging meant so much she even had it incorporated in her email address and phone number.

And because I believe this is what Stacy would want, I invite you all to stand up and HUG a few of Stacy’s loved ones around you.

It was so my sister and for that it puts a smile on my face.

Cheers to Free Hugs.