DIY Ornament

Hi there, it's me, that girl katie, This past week I visited my daughters class but 1st I had to come up with a holiday themed arts-n-craft project.

I wanted to do a project that wasn't just going to be thrown out once it got home or at the end of the holiday season. I had volunteered during Halloween and another parent had taken great photo's of the kids so I thought it would be fun to turn a memory into a lasting memory.

Prior to visiting the school, I created frames for the kids with their pictures already cut and glued on the base so that they could decorate the frames.


- 2 different colored poster board - ruler - sissors - razor blade - paper cutter (optional) - hole puncher - ribbon - rubber cement - pencil

Steps -

1. Print out photo's 2 Cut a frame template - you need a base and the frame ( I choose a red base and a green frame) 3. Cut pictures to fit the frame size 4. Glue pictures on base 5. Cut hole 6. Kids decorate frame 7. Glue frame to picture/base 8. Add string