Hey guys, it’s me, that girl katie, I recently became a little obsessed with the idea of a chore board for my kids and the more I talked about it the more excited they got about it.

So, I did some research and really liked this chore board. But if I was going to make one I wanted to make sure it was something that would work in my family. So, I needed to tweak Sarah’s amazing design a little to fit my family’s needs.

My Chore Board requirements: 1. Conveniently located – it’s in our kitchen 2. A reward system that was visual and not about money 3. Easy to update and make changes

Chore Board Steps:

1. Buy Supplies 2. Attach molding – Glue + Nail 3. Chalk & Sand Corners 4. Prime – Frame + White Boards 5. Paint Frame 6. Varnish Frame 7. Paint White Boards 8. Print Font + Chore Graph 9. Add Font + Chore Graph 10. Hammer Boards In Frame 11. Add hooks + Paint Cans 12. Add Stones


- Plywood - Frame Molding - Wood Glue - 3 boards - Primer - Paint (Regular Paint + Dry Erase Paint) - Clear Semi Gloss Varnish - Small nails (for molding) - Finishing Nails (for white boards) - Hanging Material - 6 Mini Paint Containers - Vinyl Font & Chore Graph - Stones - Popsicles Sticks + Sharpie Pen (for extra chores + rewards) - Dry Erase Pens - Cricut Explore

Chore Board Rules:

All 4 chores must be completed per day to get to 2 stones. If you act poorly a stone is taken away. Extra stones can be earned by doing the extra chores. Once the bucket is full then a reward can be chosen.

I am sure the rules will be tweaked over time.


- If you live near a Home Depot have them cut all your pieces to size. You will save a lot of time - I wet sanded a few times in between coats of the Dry Erase Paint - I painted at least 6-8 coats of the Dry Erase

Please Note - I am not sure how the Dry Erase will hold up over time because this is the 1st time I am using their product

Source: - Font - Paint Buckets - Chore Board Graph

Do you have a chore board or something similar for your kids? Since every family is different I would love to hear what works in your house.