BRAS FOR A CAUSE - 5.13.14

Hey guys, it’s me, that girl katie, This past weekend was the annual Bra’s For A Cause charity event, here in Jackson Hole, WY. The event auctions off creatively designed bras to help raise money for breast cancer awareness.

This was my 2nd time designing a bra. You can checkout The On Belay bra I did last year. I also did a short DIY video on how I made the The On Belay

This year, a friend of mine who works at Fabulous Furs, kindly donated some fabric to me and this is what I designed.

I titled it, Mountain Mamma and it was in honor of my late sister, Stacy Payne

I knew that it needed more of an ensemble so I channeled my inner Victoria Secret and created angle wings.

My bra was sold twice. First it was auctioned off for $3,300.

Near the end of the night the recent owners of Mountain Mamma bra and wings got the ok to sell it again. This time it sold for $5,000

But the best part secondary to all the money the event raised was the male model who wore it the 2nd time around.

Dan Visosky stole the show and chances are he will steal it again this fall during another local charity event, Dancing With The Stars.

If you want to still support Bras For A Cause, they made a calendar showcasing more of the bras. You can purchase it by contacting Soroptimist of Jackson Hole. Thanks ladies for producing such an awesome event.

Cancer has made a huge impact in my life. It use to be a bad word I would hear time to time and would instantly hope that a cure would quickly be discovered. I am still hopeful that a cure is found but now, it’s more than a word. It’s a very powerful disease that has changed my life FOREVER.

Thanks E.Leaven Food Company for sponsoring me in the event. And for all the LOVE and SUPPORT I have received from so many.